Negative Adrenalin

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When we get excited or really happy about something we tend to get a bit of a buzz when adrenalin starts pumping through us.

But conversely, when we’ve been hurt in some way (emotionally or physically), we tend to feel huge emotions. These in their own way create a buzz within us – a negative buzz which can feel like anxiety.

The trouble is that just with good adrenalin rushes which can become addictive, so we can become addicted to the negative adrenalin rush.  In fact, this can become even more addictive because when we feel negative emotions we have a tendency to wallow in them.

It is much easier to find lots of old negative incidents that we can add on to this feeling – to increase its effect on us.

With this type of addiction, we can twist and turn what someone says into a negative statement when it was not intended to be so.  We can mis-interpret people’s actions and without realising it – self-harm ourselves.  The only person we really hurt is ourselves, we choose to interpret the information rightly or wrongly against us.

We are not consciously aware that we are doing this most of the time. It becomes automatic and only when we stop and realise what we are doing/creating can we start to correct our responses.

This is why it is so important to be more aware of ourselves and our emotions – where they are coming from and correcting any negativity as soon as possible.

Lightbulb Moment –

I told this to one lady and immediately she “got it” – she said it was like having a “lightbulb moment”. As she suddenly realised that she had been doing this towards her husband constantly, even if he said something nice to her she would turn it and believe that he was meaning the opposite.  She changed the way that she reacted to her husband and Eureka! Her whole relationship shifted to a better one.

Do you recognise Negative Adrenalin in yourself?

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Acid Mind Acid Body

An “Acid” Mind creates an “Acid” Body

Some people are aware about how important the acid/alkaline balance in their body needs to be and others have no idea – that was me till 2014 when I started to realise just how important this balance is.  The majority of our “acid” comes from our emotions – you know that when you get upset your stomach starts churning.  This is what we are creating in ourselves.  The acid build up can come from stress, anxiety, frustration, anger etc.  It puts our bodies into an acid environment.   DISEASE THRIVES ON ACID – this is why it is so incredibly important to be aware of and to be in charge of our emotions.  The acid also, of course, comes from what we put into our bodies and our environment.  The more sugar intake we have, the more acid we are.

We CAN change this, we can create more alkalinity in our bodies – by sorting out our emotions and by eating/drinking alkaline products.  We need to Alkalize and Energize our bodies.  This is something that Anthony Robbins, an amazing Life Coach and Speaker advocates.  I am very involved with an amazing product “Organic Jade Greenzymes” that not only alkalize your body but also energize it too.  This does not have to be difficult but it is so worth doing.  Please contact me if you wish to find out more or to order this amazing product.

Your body is worth looking after – it is your vehicle for life.  Many people who find difficulty in losing weight see an amazing change once they have created a more alkaline body.  What happens is that all the acid that is in your body gets turned into fat that then sits there and is difficult to shift but once the body becomes alkaline this fat is then able to be got rid of easily.  It is all about a balance, too much acid creates an environment where disease prospers – it’s time we all took stock and prevented ourselves from getting ill rather than waiting for it to happen before we make the right choices.





A Need to be In Control

There are many people who have a profound need to be in control of everything around them.  I have treated many people who have lived their lives “needing to be in control” and life seems to be fine until something happens – maybe a terrible childbirth where they have felt out of control of their bodies and it has brought on all sorts of doubts and fears/anxieties as the shock of not being in control didn’t fit into what they required.  But why did these people need to be so “in control” of their lives in the first place?

Life is always changing and none of us truly knows what is around the corner – but when you are flexible in your thoughts, then you can flow with life, be less tense etc. but if you need control, you restrict yourself and your body, creating tensions deep inside.


I have just realised that it has now been 12 years since I stopped smoking through hypnotherapy, this is why I believe in this treatment.  Having been a smoker myself, I understand the draw to this past-time.  I enjoyed the process of smoking but didn’t want to be a smoker, the smell, the money etc.  I remember pretending that I needed more milk for the morning and driving off at midnight to a garage to make sure that I  had cigarettes for the next morning.  They took over so much of my life.  When I stopped, I felt such freedom.