AnneMarie Smellie


Smiling & glasses cropped

“I am a Detective.  A Detective of the Mind.  I seek out any negativities in a person’s mind and correct them at source by changing their perceptions, beliefs and blueprint of life.  I am a bloody good Detective!!”

I do not offer one off sessions (apart from the Stop Smoking treatment).  It takes me approximately 6 sessions to get to the root of the issues within your mind. This time is also required to enable the shifts within you to happen.

My approach is clear and effective.  People feel that I have listened to them properly.  I get people to really understand themselves and how they work. And how to get their minds working better for them.

Not only am I a qualified Hypnotherapist but I am a qualified Advanced Instructor on Law of Attraction.

About Me…

I started my career in the BBC working on the radio programme “The Archers” as a Production Secretary – to this day I still love the programme.

I then went on to work on many varied television programmes as a Television Production Assistant. They ranged from “One Man and His Dog” to “Trooping the Colour” and “The Queen’s Christmas Broadcast”.

I was involved from the planning right through to the transmission and beyond. This meant being in contact with people from very diverse backgrounds.  It was full on at times but I loved the adrenalin.

After having 4 children within 2 1/2 years I gave up the BBC and concentrated on bringing them up – a full time job but I found that my confidence in myself was draining, I never felt that I could get a good job again – I also lost belief in myself that I could take it up again!

I knew that working in television wouldn’t be very easy with 4 children as there was a lot of weekend work and late nights.

I became aware of Curative Hypnotherapy in 2003 – I was smoking like a chimney and my confidence was at ground zero.  I went for treatment myself and became absolutely intrigued by the technique.

I started studying at the Therapy Training College in Birmingham and qualified in 2004 as a Curative Hypnotherapist – and have never looked back.